Directions, Parking, Accessibility & Pet Policy

  • Directions & GPS Coordinates
  • Parking and Park & Ride Service
  • Handicapped Accessibility
  • Pets at the Market – Service dogs only


Directions & GPS Coordinates

Nestled in beautiful the Township of Sparta in Sussex County, New Jersey, Lake Mohawk is about 15 minutes north of Interstate Route 80. For our GPS-savvy friends, please use “21 Boardwalk, Lake Mohawk, NJ 07871″

Traveling From Route 80 East or West:

In New Jersey, take Exit 34B, Route 15 North/Sparta. Follow Rt. 15 north for approximately 6 miles and take the “Lake Mohawk/Sparta Business District” exit (there is no exit number); follow Rt. 181 North. At the third traffic light, make a left onto Winona Parkway, the gates of Lake Mohawk Welcome you! At the bottom of Winona Parkway, go straight across the intersection. You will now be on West Shore Trail and will see the back of the Lake Mohawk Country Club Building on the left hand side – Parking Lot is on the right hand side.

Traveling From Route 23 North or South:

Take Route 517 South through Ogdensburg. After you cross over Route 15, take the first left onto Rt. 181 South/Sparta Avenue (traffic light). At the next traffic light, make a right (following Rt. 181) and then veer to the right by the Sparta Library (on your right) onto Route 613. Up over a short hill you will enter White Deer Plaza. Make your first right at Alpine Creamery which puts you on West Shore Trail. You will see Lake Mohawk Country Club on the left and the parking lot will be on your right.

Parking and Park & Ride Service

The Lake Mohawk Country Club parking lot, situated on West Shore Trail, only offers a limited number of parking spaces. If you wish to park in that lot, please be patient and be prepared to wait.

During the market, all local traffic is directed by the Sparta Township Police Department. Please follow their instructions.

Parking near the Country Club and in White Deer Plaza is limited and the two-hour parking regulations will be strictly enforced by the Sparta Township Police Department. Parking fines will be issued to those that violate parking regulations. Please park in designated areas and adhere to all parking rules/regulations.

We strongly recommend that you consider using the Market Park & Ride Service:

  • No charge for using the Market Park & Ride service, however, please consider giving a $1 donation per person over the age of 12 into the boxes provided which will be given to local charities as part of the Market’s mission.
  • Park & Ride begins at each location at 9:30 am each day until the market closes
  • Busses drop passengers off at the main entrance to the Market
  • Pickup will be at the same location as drop off – be sure to get on the correct bus!

Park and Ride locations for 2017 include:

  • Sparta Middle School, 350 Main St, Sparta Township, NJ 07871  If you are traveling from the North, parking at the Sparta Middle School would be most advisable.
  • Blue Heron Park & Ride, just off Route 15 North, near 60 Blue Heron Rd, Sparta Township, NJ 07871  If you are traveling from the South, the Blue Heron interchange is recommended.
  • NEW for 2017: Sparta Train Station, 30 Station Road, Sparta, NJ 07871 If you are traveling from the North, this is an alternative to the Middle School. Website for this location with directions and more information can be found here.

Handicapped Accessibility

Handicapped parking is available either in the Lake Mohawk Country Club Parking Lot, in White Deer Plaza, and on Winona Parkway as designated by the Sparta Township Police Department. A third location at Realty Executives, Sparta is also available. From Winona Parkway you will have a short distance to access the Market at the Boardwalk entrance. Please follow Police instructions at all times.

Handicapped bathrooms are available on each level of the Lake Mohawk Country Club which are also accessible by elevator.

Pet Policy at the Market

The Lake Mohawk Boardwalk and Lake Mohawk Country Club only allows Service Dogs to accompany their owners.  Please leave your pets at home. With an attendance of 20,000 people over the weekend, there is no room for your dogs to walk or places for them to relieve themselves.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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